Become a Retailer

Welcome to SimConnect!

We are delighted that you would like more information about becoming a SimConnect retailer. Please see below a list of the products we carry and further information on becoming a customer of ours.

Our Products:


20% retailer margin on all Telstra handsets and wireless broadband (special promotions occur throughout the year)

  • 3G up to 4GX Prepaid mobile phones $29 to $299 RRP (ZTE, Samsung, Telstra, HTC & Huawei )
  • Prepaid Broadband / WiFi for for Telstra $49 & $149 RRP 

30% retailer margin on the $30 starter kit

  • $2 Multi-Fit Sim Starter Kit (free in store)
  • $2 Nano-Sim Starter Kit (free in store)
  • $30 Multi-Fit Sim Starter Kit – includes $30 credit
  • $30 Nano iPad Mini Starter Kit – includes $30 credit
  • $30 Nano Starter Kit – includes $30 credit
  • $30 iPad Starter Kit – includes $30 credit 

Other Telstra products

  • Public Phone Cards (Chip Cards)
  • Phoneaway Cards 


  • $2 Multi-Fit Sim Starter Kit (free in store)
  • $2 Nano Sim Starter Kit (free in store)
  • $40 Multi-Fit Starter Kit (30% margin)
  • $40 Nano Sim starter kit (30% margin)
  • 3G Prepaid Mobile Phones $49 – $199 (20% margin)

Unlocked handsets (any network)

  • A variety of unlocked 3G up to 4G handsets starting from $89 up to $1299

Accessories – 25% Retailer Margin

  • Beyond Universal chargers
  • Double adaptors for recharging
  • Techano Charging AC & Car Chargers
  • 8,16,32 & 64G Sandisk Micro and SD memory cards (for mobile phones)
  • Solar Power Banks
  • Techano Quality speakers and headphones

Other Products

  • International calling cards

Getting Started:

Retailer Agreement

All new customers need to fill out our retailer agreement form.


Our payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • 14 Day Account
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cheque
  • Credit card – Visa & MasterCard only – attracts an administration fee of 1.5%
  • Prepaid (no account) – we will send you a quote and you can pay by internet transfer or cheque – your goods will be despatched once payment has been received

TELSTRA Margin Compliance – earn 8% margin on your electronic recharge up from 4% as long as you purchase 10 activation products (Telstra and/or BOOST handsets and/or starter kits and/or wireless broadband) each quarter. Call us on 07 5446 1388 for more information.

Point of Sale
We have a vast range of POS (point of sale) to help you sell our products. POS can include Dummy Handset, Modems, Posters, Counter Stands, Counter Mats, Counter Cabinets, Brochure Holders, 4 Sided Sided Display Spinner Stands, DL Brochures for Handsets, Broadbands & Sim Starter Kits, Clip Strips, Special Promotions POS and more, call us on 07 5446 1388 or talk to your Rep for all your POS needs.

If you’d like to proceed in becoming a retailer with us please complete the following forms and email them back to us, OR click through to our contact form to get in touch OR  alternatively for further information, please ring our friendly team on 07 5446 1388. 

Retailer Agreement Form

Account Application

Direct Debit form

Credit Card Form

Margin Compliance form