Faulty Handsets & / or Broadbands

At SimConnect we endeavor to look after all your Handset & Broadband needs. We want to make it easy for you to sell these products and also want to ensure that should you sell a faulty product to your customer, our process is easy to understand.  Our return rate is minimal so the chance of you selling something that is faulty is very small. In saying this, please follow the below procedure if you do come across a faulty handset or broadband product.

Important: Retailers should never replace a Handset or Broadband device in-store unless the following procedures are strictly adhered to:

1.     All Retailers are required to check handset to verify fault.  No credit will be supplied if there is no fault found and the unit will be returned to your store.

  • If retailers choose to replace a handset for the customer before requesting an RA from SimConnect, it is at their own risk. From past experience handsets may have been physically damaged/liquid damaged by the customer and the replacement/warranty procedures are then null and void.
  • NOTE: Check for water damage for all ZTE (Telstra Branded) handsets before requesting and RA –  See more info here. 

2.     Retailers must confirm handset falls within distributor’s specified ELF/DOA warranty period by checking the customer’s purchase receipt and the table below;

ELF (Early Life Failure) / DOA (Dead on Arrival):

Huawei   30 days
LG   30 days
HTC   30 days
Samsung   30 days
Sony Ericsson   30 days
Telstra (ZTE)   30 days

3.     Inside the ELF/DOA Period: 

If Handset is in the ELF/DOA period and found to be faulty by the retailer, the retailer contacts SimConnect on 07 5446 1388 to request a Return Authority (RA).

  • Please note: Retailers must provide RA number when returning the product to SimConnect in order for the return to be processed.

Once the RA has been obtained, Retailer needs to please ensure the package has EVERYTHING it originally contained at time of sale: booklet, headsets, battery, charger etc. Consumer may keep their sim card if it has been activated.

4.    Outside the ELF Period

Outside the ELF period normal warranty applies for each individual manufacturer.

Please contact our SimConnect on 07 5446 1388 for all your manufacturers details.

For enquiries about manufacturers details please call SimConnect on (07) 5446 1388 or click here to download our Returns Form