Margin Compliance



Additional 4% margin off the face value (from 4% to 8%) on ALL Electronic Recharge sales of Telstra Pre-Paid Plus and Boost Prepaid Mobile products. To qualify all you need to do is actively display POS and order minimum 10 activation products per quarter.


Acceptance is signified by placing one of the following initial orders and supplying your details.

  1. 10 x $30 Telstra Starter Kits
  2. 10 x $40 Boost Starter Kits
  3. 10 x Telstra/Boost Handsets (any combination)
  4. 10  x Prepaid USB Broadband Modem
  5. 10 x combinations of any of the above 

Orders can be re-arranged to suit your retail needs. 

Ongoing Commitment: Required to maintain margin at 8% 

  • Maintain stock levels of Telstra and Boost Products
  • Minimum quarterly purchase of any of the above options
  • To actively promote Telstra Mobile and Boost Mobile activations

Note: Telstra will downgrade you to 4% if you do not purchase the minimum quantity of 10 activation products per quarter.

On Acceptance: will pass on the Retailer Consent to Telstra who in turn will inform your preferred electronic provider (current provider).  Margin will then be adjusted by the Electronic Provider. This process can take up to 8 weeks.

Call now on 1300 887 290 for further information and to see what other products we distribute and what POS we can supply you with.

*Please Note: This inofrmation is subject to change by Telstra. All information provided must be accurate. Printanet will not be repsonsible for inaccurate information being supplied. If incorrect information is supplied, then your margin will not be upgraded.