Price Protection

As part of our commitment to our customers, when Telstra or Boost advise us of a price drop with price protection, we will pass on price protection to all our customers who still have stock on hand purchased from SimConnect at the time of the price drop.

Retailer Price Protection Claims Process

For all Price Protection claims to be processed correctly, retailers are responsible for providing SimConnect with all required details contained within form supplied.

If forms are returned incomplete they will not be processed & no credits will be able to be applied.

Price ProtectionTimeline

  • Official Notification Received from Telstra of Price Change (s)
  • Within 24 hours: SimConnect notifies all Retailers of changes with effective date.
  • Within 14 Days: Retailers must complete Price Protection with all details & RETURN TO SimConnect either via email or fax:
  • Email: Fax: (07) 5446 1755
  • 14 – 28 Days: – SimConnect logs all information on Telstra Live Website for Confirmation that IMEI number has not been activated.
  • Within 28 Days of close date on Claim form: – SimConnect Applies credit to Customer Account
  • Completion: Telstra applies credit to SimConnect account for all IMEI numbers that have not been activated.

What to do now?

  • Download the attached form to your desktop
  • Add in your product details
  • Save in a folder entitled Price Protection (Month) (Year)
  • Use the contact form to upload the file and return it directly to us
Price Protection Editable Form

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